2019 IBSA ゴールボール アジア パシフィック選手権大会

お知らせ/ Information

    What is Goalball?
    The outline of the game

    Goalball is a sport designed for visually impaired people and is a team sport performed by visually impaired people. This is a sport unique to disabled sports which was designed as a rehabilitation program for wounded soldiers who suffered from visual impairment during the Second World War. One team is made up of 3 players wearing goggles named “Eye shade” which will block any light coming into their eyes regardless of the degree of vision. The size of the court is the same as that of volleyball and there are goals on both sides that are similar to soccer goals. By rolling a rubber ball that rings like a bell, you can score points. The size of the ball is almost the same as to that of the basketball, but it rings from within due to the bells inside of it. The game time is 2 halves of 12 minutes each. In the case of a tie, the game will be extended to extra 2 halves of 3 minutes each. Even if the game is not settled after extra halves, it will be extended to extra throws that continues until the game is settled.

    The speedy battle relying on sounds

    Goalball is a competition that is performed with the vision completely blocked. Therefore, players will make full use of senses other than vision. In the men’s game, a ball that weighs 1.25 kg could be thrown at the speed of 70 k.p.h. onto the player’s body, so this powerful attack and defense like martial arts is one of the attractions. Other highlights include cooperation using the voices of players and psychological warfare using sounds.

    Please be quiet during the game

    In their play, players make use of the sound of a bell in a ball, a referee’s call, and a whistle. In addition, we will defend using the voice of the opponent team players, breathing, and footsteps. Therefore, their play should be performed in silence during the match. When the referee calls “Quiet Please!”, please be quiet! This is the signal. But If the game is stopped in an occasion where a goal is decided, or when a time-out is made, or when a player changes, music will be played, so please send a big cheer!


    ゴールボールは、投球されたボールは、基本的に「自陣のチームエリア」と「ニュートラルエリア」 の両方の床で最低でも1バウンドずつしなければいけないというルールがあります。また、コート 内ではアイシェードを触ってはいけない。インプレイ中はベンチから声を出してはいけないなどの ルールがあります。ペナルティ(反則)をおかした場合は、守備側はゴールを一人で守らなければ ならなくなり、攻撃側にとっては得点する最大のチャンスになります

    Rules and penalties

    There is a rule that the goal ball must be thrown with at least one bounce on the floors of both the “their own team area” and the “neutral area”. Also, players are not supposed to touch the eye shade inside the court. There are rules such as not to speak from the bench during the game. In the event of a penalty, the defender must defend the goal alone, which is the greatest chance for the attacker to score.

    ■ 使用する道具

    アイシェード/ Eyeshade


    The ski goggles processed to prevent light from passing through.

    ボール / Ball


    It weighs about 1.25 kg, which looks like a basketball. It has two bells in it.

    コート / Court

    コートの大きさは、縦18m×幅9mでバレーボールのコートと同じ広さ。ゴールの大きさは、幅 9m、高さ1.3m。全てのラインには、テープの下に紐を入れて凹凸をつけ、手や足で触って確認できるようなっている。

    The size of the court is 18m long x 9m wide and the same size as a volleyball court. The size of the goal is 9m wide and 1.3m high. For all lines except the lineout line, thick threads are put under the tape to make unevenness, and it can be checked by touching with the hand or foot

    主なルール / Main rule

    競技時間 / Competition time

    • 競技時間は、前後半の12分ハーフです。延長戦は、前後半3分ハーフですが、ゴールが決まった時点で終了です。
      The competition time is 2 halves of 12 minutes each. The extra time is 2 halves of 3 minutes each, but the game will be settled if the goal is decided.

    個人のぺナルティ一 / Personal penalty

    • ハイボール、ロングボール:※下の図を参照してください。 / High ball, long ball: ※ Please refer to the figure below.
    • アイシェード:選手が、審判の許可なくアイシェードに触ったとき。/ Eyeshade: When the player touches the eyeshade without the permission of the referee.

    チームのぺナルティ一 / Team penalty

    • 10 セカンズ:攻撃されたボールが守偏側の選手に最初に触れた時点から 10 秒以内にスロ一イングしたボールがセンターラインを越えなかったとき。
      10 Seconds: If the ball does not cross the centerline within 10 seconds after the defensive player touches the ball coming from the attack side.
    • イリーガルコーチング:ベンチのコーチや選手が、試合中(タイムアウト、ハーフタイム、アウトなどオフィシャルブレイク時以外)にコートの選手に指示をしたとき。
      Illegal Coaching: When a bench coach or player instructs the court players during the game (except during official breaks such as timeouts, half-times, and outs).

    チームと個人のぺナルティ一 / Team and Personal penalty

    • ノイズ:投球者も含む攻撃側のチームが、スロ一イングをする選手の投球動作に入る瞬問から相手に不利になるような音を出したとき。
      Noise: When the attacking team, including the pitcher, makes a noise that would be disadvantageous to the opponent entering the throwing motion.

    コート図と有効なスローイング、ハイボール、ロングボール / Court figure and effective throwing, high ball, long ball

    • ペナルティーになったときは、サッカーのPKと同じように、3人からの攻摯を1人でゴールを守ることになります。そのため失点する確率が高くなります。
    • 延長戦の後のエクストラスローは1対1で1球ずつ投げ合います。
    • When a penalty occurs, you are supposed to defend the goal alone from three players, just like a soccer PK. Therefore, the probability of losing points is high.
    • The extra throws after the extended game will be done one to one with one shot at a time